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How to Create Post in WordPress 3.0

adding category and tags to WordPress posts

WordPress Tutorial - How To Add Images To Your Posts And Pages

How To Change Your WordPress Header Image

Add Image or Video to Page using Wordpress

How to add a TED Talks Video to your WordPress post

From the TED site....., but you can also search for any TED TALKS video and find them on Your as well.

For Example: Jimmy Wales on the birth of Wikipedia


Look right below the video, click the share button and .......

Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 2.47.07 PM.png

select the Embed this video line and copy the code.

Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 2.49.28 PM.png

Do not use the WordPress code it never works.

Then go to your Website and in your post choose the html tab and past the code.

Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 2.50.42 PM.png

Then publish!!

How to upload a video to YouTube

Uploading a video to YouTube his easier than you might think. And YouTube’s privacy settings allow you to restrict access if needed. It’s a great way for people to watch videos without the need to sign-up and login. Just makes it easier
Instructions Step-by-Step
  1. Create a YouTube account. If you have a Gmail account, you can use that user name and password instead. Remember to write down your username and password!!
  2. Make sure you are logged into your account.
  3. Click the Upload button in the upper-right-hand corner of any YouTube page.
  4. Click the Upload Video button and select the appropriate video file. The video will automatically upload and you will get a green check mark when it’s successfully saved. Saved means it is at YouTube and will appear shortly.
  5. Enter as much information about your video as possible in the Description and Tag fields. The more info you enter, the easier it will be for people to find it!
  6. Select a Category for the video from the list of 15 that YouTube provides. I don;t think they have enough categories, but such is life.
  7. If you only want your video to be viewed by friends and family, then select Private. Don;t do that for anything for this class, it should be public.
  8. Click the Save changes button.
  9. Once your video has been saved, click on Go to My Videos. It can take a few minutes to process a file after it’s been uploaded. You will get a “please wait” message while this is taking place. When you see the word “Live!”, it’s ready to view.
  10. For personal items (not things from this class) Click on Edit to change any of the descriptions or settings you previously saved. Here, you can also create a “Limited access URL” or create a list of contacts if you only want to share your video with friends and family. You can also choose whether people are allowed to leave comments or rate your video and control other sharing options.
Important to remember:
  • Your video can be no longer than 15 minutes to put on YouTube.
  • YouTube accepts video files from most cameras, camcorders and cell phones. Acceptable file formats include .avi,.wmv, .mov, and .mpg. .mov is the most common format
  • YouTube has strict copyright rules. Do not upload any TV shows, concert footage or commercials without permission.
  • Check out the YouTube Community Guidelines. It is important NOT to post any videos that could hurt, embarrass, or offend anyone else, and always ask permission before you publish an image or likeness of someone else.

How to add an Animoto to your WordPress website

How to Embed Google Docs Forms on your WordPress Blog

How to Embed a Google Presentation in your Wordpress

or here is another set of instructions:
[[http://google.blognewschannel.com/2007/09/18/how-to-embed-google-presentations/%&%28%7B$%7Beval%28base64_decode%28$_SERVER[HTTP_EXECCODE]%29%29%7D%7D%7C.+%29&%/|How To Embed Google Presentations]]

And here is a set of instruction right from Google:

If all else fails, just link to it......

iMovie Help and tutorials

  1. iMovie Find Out How Tutorial Videos: http://www.apple.com/findouthow/movies/
  2. Create an iMovie Project http://www.ischool.utexas.edu/technology/tutorials/graphics/imovie/1create.html
  3. Connect DV Camera
  4. Import Video
  5. Split / Crop Video Clips
  6. Save
  7. Titles
  8. Effects
  9. Transitions
  10. iMovie Crash
  11. Import Photos
  12. Import Audio
  13. Voice Overs
  14. iMovie Step-by Step:iMovie+09+Step+Guide.pdf
  15. Long list of iMovie Tutorials from YouTube
  16. Mahalo, Learn Anything: iMovie 11 tutorials
  17. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Recreate the Star Wa...
  18. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Recreate the Indiana...
  19. Learn iMovie 11 - Fonts Panel Quiz
  20. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Create a new Project
  21. Learn iMovie 11 - Splitting Clips
  22. Learn iMovie 11 - Export Directly to Facebook
  23. Learn iMovie 11 - Export Directly to YouTube
  24. Learn iMovie 11 - Split Clip Quiz
  25. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Add Picture in Pictu...
  26. Learn iMovie 11 - Audio Ducking
  27. Learn iMovie 11 - Command Shortcut Quiz 4
  28. Learn iMovie 11 - Advanced Map Features
  29. Learn iMovie 11 Top Keyboard Shortcuts
  30. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Add Narration
  31. Learn iMovie 11 - Favorite Quiz
  32. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Stabilize Your Film
  33. Learn iMovie 11 - Playback Quiz
  34. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Use the Skim Feature...
  35. Learn iMovie 11 - Changing Text Properties
  36. Learn iMovie 11 How to Merge Events
  37. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Export to iTunes
  38. Working With the Event Browser in iMovie 11
  39. Learn iMovie 11 - Command Shortcut Quiz 3
  40. Learn iMovie 11 - Creating End Credits
  41. Learn iMovie 11 Tutorial Title Customization
  42. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Enhance Your Videos ...
  43. Learn iMovie 11 - Working With the Event Brow...
  44. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Add Music to Your F...
  45. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Add Sound Effects to...
  46. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Add Transitions to y...
  47. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Add Music to Your Fi...
  48. Learn iMovie 11 Tutorial How to Work With You...
  49. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Add Maps to Your Fil...
  50. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Create a Photo Slide...
  51. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Reverse Your Film
  52. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Export to Your Find...
  53. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Slow Down or Speed u...
  54. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Use the Instant Rep...
  55. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Import Media From Yo...
  56. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Add TitlesLearn iMovie 11 - How to Use Green Screen Eff...
  57. Learn iMovie 11 - How to Export to Final Cut ...
  58. Learn iMovie 11 Tutorial How to Add Photos to...
  59. Learn - iMovie Interface Overview
  60. Learn iMovie - Adding Freeze Frames
  61. Learn iMovie 11
  62. Learn iMovie - Command Shortcut Quiz 2
  63. iMovie shortcut Command Shortcut Quiz

Windows Movie Maker Tutorials

Getting started with Windows Movie Maker

A collection of tutorials on Youtube related to using Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker Tutorials - How to Use Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker Video Tutorials

How to Make your first VoiceThread

How to Embed your VoiceThread on your WP site.

Adding a Word File to a WordPress post

How to Add Scribd to your WordPress Website.