Week 8, BEGINNING JULY 9 (LAST WEEK) Final website for final grading due no later than July 16.


July 2012 iPad User Group Meeting

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

noon-1 p.m.

Bluemont Hall Room 21

Kansas State University


Apps for Specific Curriculum Areas

We will be sharing some apps for math, science, social studies, English/language arts and special education.

Please come and share those for your area!

As always: Q&A about your iPad

Check out the KSU iPad User Group Wiki at http://ksuipadusers.pbworks.com/


Well, this is the last week, we have a few things still to do this week, but first I would like to extend and invitation to a couple of events that will take place in the Campus section of this class. I realize it may not be possible to attend these two events, but I would like to encourage you to do so oif you can find a way to work it out. The campus class in held in Room 225 from 1:00-4:00.

Event 1:

July 61:00-4:00, rm 225Classroom Teacher, Kim Herron, Inman Schools will do a complete lesson with you in class just like she does it in her classroom with her won students. You see how she integrates the technology and gets her students actively involved in a project.

Event 2:iPads in Schools

July 10
1:00-4:00, rm 225
Guest Speakers Glen Wiebe, Social Studies teacher and Professional Development from ESSDACK and
Jaclyn Pfizenmaker, principal, Clay Center Schools will be here to discuss to discuss Technology use in the classroom.

Since these events both take place before final grades and the semester officially ends, there will be extra credit or replacement points available if you attend.

Replacement points:
Attendance at each replaces on reflection from Week 8.
20 points each
Extra Credit, still do the Week 8 reflections and attend one or both presentations.
20 points for each, total of 40 points.

This is not a prefect Solution, but it helps a great deal.

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Week 8 Reflection


external image Screen%20Shot%202012-03-14%20at%201.31.33%20PM.jpg
Classroom 2.0 Live....Go to iTunes and do a search for Classroom 2.0 Live ot go to their website http://live.classroom20.com.If you are at the website, choose Archives and Resource to find the Podcasts.
There are 80+ episodes total.
It is actually easier to find the list of episodes in iTunes, but them go to the website when you are listening and find the same Podcast, the website has live links to everything being discussed.Choose 2 podcast episodes to listen to and write your reflection.

Title the Reflection: Classroom 2.0

IPads in the Classroom

Title this reflection: iPads Impact in the Classroom

That's it, you DONE!! Unfortunately, this online class does not include absolutely everything we do in the normal semester on campus class, because that is just impossible to do online. But, it is a good sampling. Everything must be completed by July 16th. Please complete the online TEVAL that you will receive notification about later in the week.

Remember you have your website space for 2 years and the goal is to keep adding to it so that you have a portfolio to to show when you begin applying for a job.

And if you need help at any time, my office is in Bluemont 352, just drop by, introduce yourself, remember this class was online so I have not officially met each of you, but sure would like to meet you.

Now go enjoy the rest of your summer and I sincerely hope to meet all of you this fall.


Website checklist, FINAL: