Week 6 Beginning June 25


Checklist for grading through Week 6

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I realize we did Inforgraphics a few weeks ago, but stumbled onto this resource this morning so though I would share it anyway. At the very least, add the link to you social bookmarking.


Tutorials are located on the WordPress Tutorials & Help page


As I am sure you hsve figured out by now, Voicethread is a pretty cool tool and used at all levels and in all content areas. It is simple and produced a great product. It fits right into differentiated Instruction.
But in case you are not convinced yet are are a few articles to read and include your thought about them in ypur final Voicethread reflection.

VoiceThread Extends the Classroom with Interactive Multimedia Albums


Voicethread 4 Education wiki


26 Interesting Ways* to use Voicethread in the Classroom


Ok, so what are you going to make? Think about using this powerful tool with your students.

1. Your VoiceThread must have at least 10 frames

2. It must have your voice on it at least twice.

3. You must try all the features (video response, audio response, text)

4. Topic/Content: I would like to leave the topic pretty open, letting you choose what interests you. But it must relate to something or some unit you will teach, vocabulary, and How-to, it really is your choice.

5. Post your VoiceThread on your website using the embed code.

6. Make sure it is public.

7. Add a reflection about what you read in the articles and examples as well as what you think and how you believe you will use Voicethread in your own classroom.

8. Don't forget to include/embed the 2 examples you found.

9. Title this assignment: Voicethred in the Classroom

Grading information: Voicethread = 120 points, Reflection = 40 points, the 2 addition example Voicethreads= 20 points

..................................for a total of 200 points

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Voicethread for iPad
iPad users:

Week 6 Reflections

1. Week 6 Reflection Title: 50 sites in 60 minutes by David Kapuler = 20 points

Education blogger David Kapuler (Technology Tidbits: Thoughts of a Cyber Hero) has created a free slideshow of 50 great sitesfor education, creativity, organization and more. Each slide includes basic information about the site, a link to the site, and a link to Kapuler's review of the site.

  1. Explore the 50 sites in 60 minutes slide show, then select 5 sties mentioned and write your own review of the sites/tools.

  2. Be specific and creative!

  3. Make sure this is hyperlinked writing.

  4. Make sure you include images (screen captures) to make it more interesting.

  5. In other words, make a sales pitch for each of the 5 sites you chose to discuss.

  6. How would/will you use each site in your teaching/classroom, etc.

50sites ver2
View more presentations from David Kapuler

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2. Langwitches Blog http://langwitches.org/blog/

Explore Silvia's blog completely and discuss your discoveries.

Title: Langwitches Blog Insights = 20 points

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3. NCS Tech by Kevin Jarrett http://www.ncs-tech.org/

Explore Kevin's blog completely and discuss your discoveries.

Title: NCS Tech Insights = 20 points