Week 5 beginning June 18


Website Grading Checklist through Week 5:

Week 5 Reflections

1. Cool Cat Teacher

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Vicki Davis, full time teacher, blogger, Tweeter, Tumblr, Facebook-er, and passionate advocate for inspiring and informing teachers, parents, and professionals about how to reach this generation of learners. Visit my website and see what people are saying.

Explore both of Vicki's sites for your reflection this week.

Title: Week 5 Cool Cat Teacher, 20 points

2. Practical Theory

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Who I am: Chris Lehmann.....What I do: Principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, PA (Opening 9/06).......What I did: Technology Coordinator / English Teacher / Girls Basketball Coach / Ultimate Coach at the Beacon School, a fantastic progressive public high school in Manhattan.

Explore Principal Chris Lehman's site for your reflection this week.

Title: Week 5 Practical Theory, 20 points

Digital Storytelling in the classroom and Celebrating Kansas Voices

A little background and a few resources to give you and understanding. Dig deep and explore before you start your project.
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Change your students' 21st century learning experiences by tapping into the wonderful world of Media Literacy. How this can be used to add visual enhancements to lessons and to add engagement and creativity to your teacher and student presentations to tell a story.

Technology Integration In K12 Education/Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling: Helping Students Find Their Voice

A collection of resources:
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Microsoft in Education: Digital storytelling in the classroom

Celebrate Kansas Voices Digital Storytelling Assignment Details

Celebrate Kansas Voices Movie Assignment